Ethnic diverse, youth (8-13) focus groups were utilized to develop characters and story lines that appeal to boys and girls as well as ensuring transfer and retention of information. Their responses:

Did You Like the Story?
Mean=9.25 (Strongly disagree=1, Strongly agree=10)

Did the Story Keep You Interested?
Mean=9.11 (Strongly disagree=1, Strongly agree=10)

Would You Want to Read Another Story about Jonny Vert?
Mean=9.33, (Strongly disagree=1, Strongly agree=10)

What Did You Learn?
“ I need to get up and move” (boy).
“ Don’t be a slug” (boy),
“ That comics are cool b/c I never read them!” (girl),
“ Exercising gives you more energy than sitting around” (girl),
“ To get up and move” (boy).
“ Good always wins” (boy),
“ Exercise” (girl),
“ That you should always exercise and move a lot” (girl),
“ To exercise” (boy),
“ To get up and exercise” (girl).

Why Is It Important to Get Up & Move?
“ Cause if you don’t your gonna turn to a slug” (girl),
“ To get more energy” (boy),
“ Because you could get paralyzed if you didn’t move” (girl),
“ So you won’t become Fat Albert” (girl),
“ So you can workout” (boy),
“ It’s healthy” (boy),
“ So you don’t get lazy” (boy),
“ It’s good for you” (boy),
“ So you have more energy and so you don’t get drained by Dr. Drain” (girl),
“ Because you can get up and move” (boy),
“ To stay healthy” (girl)

Wineinger, B. 2004. Be An Action Hero!™ A Novel, Evidence-based and Comprehensive 360° Health Education Solution Motivating Youth to Be Self-responsible for their Health While Bringing a Smile to their Face. Second Annual STEPs to a HealthierUS Summit. Submitted.