Why A Comic Book Format?
For greater than fifty years comic books exhibited a profound influence on youth attitudes and behaviors. In fact, so powerful that the Comic Codes Authority was formed to provide decent and wholesome comic books for youth. Thus, comic books are a natural and powerful format to present health information to youth.

The Comic Book Plots
Characters that Get Up and Move!, Eat Fresh! and Save Your Breath! will obtain the necessary “energy” to defeat the Villains within and outside one’s body. Conquering these inner battles provides the "energy" that enables X-treme athletes to achieve goals in “outside” futuristic X-treme sport physical activities. By defeating these global villains they rescue the world from the evil Dr. Drain, who is attempting to drain the world’s youth of their energy with his disastrous machine, “The Drainer.”

Issues 1-4 Get Up and Move!™ Physical Activity
Each issue addresses a main tenet of CDC guidelines to facilitate physical activity for youth while overcoming barriers. These issues also contain nutritional information to maintain proper fuel levels for physical activity.
• Participation in Physical Activities is Fun and Leads to More “ENERGY.”
• Community Facilities are Necessary for Youth Physical Activities.
• Importance of Family Physical Activity.
• School and Community Physical Activity Programs Provide Skills and Opportunities to be Active.

Issue 5 Eat Fresh!™ Behavior-focused Nutrition
Behavior-focused nutrition information on selecting proper nutrition and practicing food safety:
• Undernutrition (Breakfast, Unsafe Weight loss Practices and Eating Disorders)
• Variety of Foods (USDA Food Pyramid, 5-A-Day, Fresh, Unsalted, etc.)
• Overweight and Obesity (Balance Nutrition with Physical Activity)
• Chronic Disease Prevention (CVD, Diabetes, Cancer, Dental Caries)
• Safe Food Practices

Issue 6Save Your Breath!™ Tobacco-use Prevention
• Prevent Initiation of Tobacco and Smokeless Tobacco Use
• Short/Long Term Negative Cosmetic and Social Consequences
• Behavioral Skills to Resist Social Influences
• Eliminate ETS Exposure
• Chronic Disease Prevention