“A physically inactive 9-year old girl has only a 10%
chance of being active after the age of 25.”

-Youth Development Summit. 2002

Effectiveness of youth programs developing healthy attitudes and behaviors to become self-responsible for their health is dependent upon delivering evidence-based, culturally sensitive as well as age-appropriate information in entertaining formats. To achieve this goal, we developed a comprehensive, 360° health education resource targeting youth
(ages 8-12) with funny, edgy story lines to become self-responsible for their health.

Keys of this series:

  • Develop healthy youth behaviors to establish healthy weight, reduce tobacco use and chronic disease,
  • Consider youth as today’s leaders capable of initiating change in themselves, their family and communities,
  • Present evidence-based information in entertaining formats.

Utilizing an ethnic diverse team of X-treme athletes in a comic book series, we present the concept of "energy" as currency gained by practicing a healthy lifestyle;
“ Be An Action Hero!™” Six issues present evidence-based information motivating lifelong Physical Activity, Behavior-focused Nutrition, and preventing Tobacco-use, thereby lowering risks of CVD, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis as well as Tobacco-related diseases. This comprehensive solution was founded upon evidence-based information and encompasses CDC recommendations. Input from ethnic diverse, youth focus groups was utilized to develop characters and story lines that appeal to boys and girls as well as ensuring transfer and retention of information.

This powerful comic book format is reinforced by auxiliary materials including; parent brochures, leader guides, activities, posters, and temporary tattoos, providing a 360°complete solution to develop self-responsible healthy attitudes and behaviors in youth while bringing a smile to their face. Youth respond overwhelmingly to our “Be An Action Hero!™” resources!

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