Health Information Providers, Inc.
A group of scientists, medical professionals and artists working together to provide evidence-based information in fun and easy to understand formats empowering youth to become self-responsible for their health while bringing a smile to their face.

The Creative Team
A world renown group of artists package empowering evidence-based health information/education into fun and powerful resources. This team has won numerous awards and previous credits include work for Steven Spielberg and Disney.

About the Founder
A scientist who most recently worked for a major pharmaceutical company as a regional scientific resource for academic thought leaders in therapeutic areas of Osteoporosis and latter the field of Mood Disorders. During his tenure as a medical liaison to these academic thought leaders, he realized that patients were not always receiving accurate, balanced health/wellness information. Health Information Providers, Inc. was created to address this health and wellness education deficiency. Prior to his arrival in the corporate world, he investigated environmental influences on gene expression at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. In other words, the ability of one’s environment, i.e. nutrition, to regulate their genes as either "on" or "off."

Specifically, he discovered a potent activator of genes which stimulated activity 14,000-fold! (JBC 269: 20771) Investigating this model system he discovered that calcium signal transducers; Calmodulin, Cam Kinase II were necessary for this potent synergistic gene activation. In addition, nutrition had a profound influence on gene regulation in this system. Sulfur-containing amino acids repressed genes. In contrast amino acids that provide the carbon backbone for methionine (Aspartate and L-Homoserine) were positive modulators of gene activation. From investigations of this model gene regulation system, calcium as well as sulfur-containing amino acids were shown to impact gene regulation, both of which have profound roles in etiologies of chronic diseases; Osteoporosis, Cancer, CVD, Diabetes, etc. Combining this nutritional gene regulation background with the expertise of medical professionals, dramatic engineers and artists, we developed evidence-based health education resources empowering youth to become self-responsible for their health...while having fun!

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